Monday, February 4, 2019

Big Sexy Hair Spray Mousse - Big Attitude


Not all of us were blessed with hair that exudes body and volume which  is the biggest issue with most gals and guys. 

I have fine medium length hair and have tried virtually every body building, volumizing product on the market. 

I was using Sebastian Thickefy Foam for a few years, then recently noticed it was more water than foam. Not good and certainly not fair to my wallet.

I had seen Big Sexy Hair products in many stores and salons but had no interest at the time; then one day while shopping in Walgreens, I noticed Big Sexy Hair Mousse-Big Attitude and reasonably priced; hence, I decided to give it a shot.

After my weekly shampooing/conditioning, I applied my Amika Blockade which is a Hair Defense Serum and protector, to my damp hair. I then took the Big Sexy Hair Mousse-Big Attitude, shook the bottle and squeezed a small amount of the foam (about the size of a quarter) in my hand then rubbed my hands together and worked the foam from the roots to the ends of my hair, then began to blow-dry into style. I was amazed at the volume and shine.

While I hesitate to apply Big Sexy Hair Mousse-Big Attitude to dry hair and scrunch it, I did try slightly moistening the roots of my hair then applying a tiny amount only to the roots and blow-dry. This works great for between shampoos and when going out for the day or evening.

This is one product I highly recommend and can honestly call a true ‘keeper’. 

Pros: Big Sexy Hair Mousse-Big Attitude delivers body and volume

Cons: Sorry, none at this time.

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