Monday, February 4, 2019

George Foreman 2 In 1 Grill

Whoever is the Grill Master in your family, the George Foreman 2 in 1 Grill is definitely a must-have and the only way to cook a juicy burger unless, of course, it is an outdoor grill.

I used to broil my burgers in my toast oven. The burgers were just okay; they did shrink quite a bit and then the messy cleanup was another story. They are our weekly backup staple and were met with lukewarm enthusiasm until…..

One day my significant other brought home the George Foreman 2 in 1 Grill. I liked it immediately and, of course, Mr. Curiosity who always left the "burger-beat" to me, decided to take over and make some burger magic happen. Now he regards it more as a toy than a tool and actually looks forward to burgers the George Foreman way; that’s okay, it’s a guy thing😊

We both prefer medium rare so it took a few tries to make the perfect burger happen.

Also, the George Foreman Grill display shows three burgers on the grill; however, since I prefer larger burgers please note my own image below showing two larger burgers on the grill.

This puppy makes burgers in a flash. Place the drip pan under the unit, plug it in and it preheats in exactly three minutes.

Here’s the kicker, the cooking manual says broil 4-6 minutes but the burgers came out like rocks.

After two more tries, we found that one minute-twenty-two seconds on each side, produced the perfect medium-rare burger, juicy and delicious. Clearly, it is about trial and error.

Also, do not use metal or stainless-steel utensils to flip the burger, since the unit has a special coating and will be damaged if the surface is scratched. A plastic or nylon burger flipper is recommended and easily found on Amazon for ten dollars.

The George Foreman 2 In 1 Grill and Panini has a hinge on the back of the unit which opens out and tilts for burgers then folds back for Panini or Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

The drip pan which is placed just under the lower grill catches all the excess fat from the burger. This enhances the flavor and makes for a healthy burger.

Cleanup is easy. Wait until the grill cools down a bit; then, using very warm water, wet 3 double sheets of paper toweling and place them in layers on the grill; close the grill for the during of dinner. The toweling helps loosen and lift the balance of the juice and/or meat left on both the undercover and grill, itself. Once this is done, I add a little dish detergent to a moist sponge and gently wipe the ridges and between the ridges of both the under part of the cover and the grill. Then paper towel dry. 

Drain the drip pan of the grill, then add a dab of dish detergent on a sponge then clean and rinse the pan. The drip pan is dishwasher safe.

I love and highly recommend the George Foreman 2 In 1 Grill and Panini.

Pros: Easy to use, Makes excellent burgers in minutes. Easy Cleanup. Takes up very little counter space.

Cons: Sorry, none at this time except that no kitchen should be without 'George'. 

No longer available at Bed Bath and Beyond; however I have attached a link to the George Foreman site and the Grill is there. 

Wishing you good health and good eats! 


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