Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Battle of the Styling Brushes


Yes! It is all about the hair, the right cut/trim and the styling brush that gets you there?

I have fine, medium length hair so I need a brush that brings out the shine and lends volume to my locks😊

I literally have one drawer of brushes which I call my brush graveyard. Each brush did the job for a while, then I switched or purchased another brush and another and another.

About three years ago during my online search for ‘the’ styling brush I came across two styling brushes, both highly reputable for their quality. The WEN Medium Boars Bristle Styling Brush (2 inches from bristle-2-bristle) by Chaz Dean and the Spornette Touche Boars Bristle Rounder Brush #130 (2.5 inches) 

Typically, the traditional Boars brush with wooden handle is recommended for all hair types since the boar bristles stimulate the scalp and evenly distribute the hair’s natural oils; however, the bristles on the traditional boars are a bit longer and widely spaced, making it difficult to glide through the hair when styling.

The Chaz Dean Medium Round Boars Bristle has a wooden handle with Boars and nylon bristles. The nylon bristles hold the hair shaft in place while the Boars Bristles style the hair, bringing out the shine.

Chaz has designed his styling brush so that the brush glides through your hair; hence, the brush works for you. You do not have to ‘work’ the brush.

Then we have the Spornette Touche Boars Bristle Rounder Brush #130 with off-set bristles (no space between rows of bristles) which grasp and glide through the hair, plus the wooden barrel and foam handle for easy grip and better control. 

I purchased the Spornette Touche #130 2.5 which lends volume to the hair but shine, not so much, unfortunately. Also, blow-drying the back of my hair was difficult since I couldn't feel if the hair was wrapped around the brush. 

In essence, I came the full circle and ended up purchasing the Chaz Dean brush ‘again’; yes, my bad! I had discarded them when I found and used the Spornetta.

I later learned that both the WEN brush and the Spornette Touche were designed for rolling up/holding the shaft and not for brushing or styling the hair. Who knew!?? 

One of the ‘worst’ hairbrushes for you is the Ceramic Ion.

This hairbrush will dry out and burn your hair follicles with continued use, rather than stimulate the scalp and natural oils. Why hairstylists insist on using only this brush, beats the heck out of me. I imagine it is because ladies have their hair blown out once weekly and/or have a trim/touch-up every few weeks. The laughable part is that they do carry all types of brushes in their tote, including Boars Bristles but seldom use them - go figure!  
The worst part is that virtually all hair salons use only these brushes and refuse to accept the fact that they are a hair’s worst enemy.

I own both the above brushes and the photo. After continued use of the above brushes, my hair was dried out and on the brink of damage.


Since my last writing, let's say 3's a charm. I discovered still another and now my shangri-la of all styling brushes. This one is the Boars Bristle Blow Out Round Brush by Careme
which I found on Amazon with rave reviews. I call it the 'wonder' brush.

My brush arrived (May 22). It is the 1.7" which is the diameter alone. I expected a small brush but was happy to see it was larger than the photo.  I gave it a test run on a non-shampoo morning. I actually liked this over the others. The handle has a good grip and easy to manage. This is actually perfect for my medium length hair, which rests on my collar bone. 

I did my usual shampoo/conditioner; thermal protector and mousse thingy, then ran the blow-dryer through my hair to remove the excess water then began styling. I was amazed by how this brush literally glided through my hair like butter, creating an amazing shine and volume. This hairbrush is definitely a keeper and I highly recommend it for all types of hair. 

Second-day hair (above) was even better - who woulda thunk! After showering, I merely dampened the underpart of my hair (roots) and touched up the style, using my warm-setting/cold shot. The shine and volume ensue.

Pros: Care Me Blow-Out Brush is the best. Brings out natural shine and volume. Customer Service is awesome. They not only stand behind their amazing product but actually listen and offer great assistance to help the concerned consumer. 

Cons: Cleaning instructions differ. Remove hair with your fingers. The directions call for Dry Cleaning which is odd; hence, I recommend using something with suction such as a dustbuster or vacuum cleaner hose, per se, to gently lift the residue (dead scalp skin). Wish this wonderful brush came with a wooden barrel then it would be super-perfection.  

Cleaning Tips:
For ALL OTHER Brushes: Rinse under hot water or, add one teaspoon Baking Soda to half a glass of warm water. Place brush in bristles-down and let soak for a few minutes, then rinse, give it a few good shakes, dry excess with paper toweling then place on a paper towel and let dry, preferably on a windowsill in the sun. I do this weekly. A clean brush for clean, healthy hair.

Unclog your scalp. 

Think of all the products and torture your scalp survives to maintain that crowning glory. Once every two or three months, I use a teaspoonful of Baking Soda and mix into half a glass of warm water and (while in the shower) run the mixture through my hair, gently massage for a minute then rinse thoroughly and proceed with my normal shampoo/conditioner. My hair bounces back and retains its 'norm'.  

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