Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Amika SoulFood Nourishing Mask


I selected the Amika SoulFood Nourishing Mask sample when ordering my Amika Vault Color-Lock Shampoo and so very glad I did. In one word, "Yummy!" 

This mask is like a spa treatment for my dry, straw-like hair. The moment I applied it, my hair felt like pure velvet and I could feel it penetrate immediately. I left it in for five minutes while showering.

After using the Soul Food Nourishing Mask, I used my Amika Shampoo and 
Conditioner. The results: My hair felt soft and the shine was amazing.

Amika nailed the name “Soul Food” since this Mask gets to the heart (hair cuticle/hair follicle) of the problem and helps ‘nourish’ the hair.

For me, once a month is fine; however, for those whose hair requires more ‘nourishing’, then Amika soulfood nourishing mask is for you. Your hair will thank you.


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