Saturday, March 16, 2019

Designer Shoes Warehouse

Ask any woman about her one passion and dollars to donuts she will say “shoes”.

My passion is handbags since I do not have the prettiest toes in town, plus I had hip surgery two years ago and just recently began wearing heels; hence shoe shopping is arduous for me and I purchase only what I need.

I had visited DSW Shoes a few years back and purchased Winter boots called Beartraps which were super warm, comfy and reasonably attractive. Then found myself drooling over the beautiful and sexy style shoes, wishing I could strut my stuff.  

Then came the New Year 2019 and I decided to update my wardrobe from the shoes up.

I revisited DSW and became a VIP Member which translates into free standard shipping which works for me.

I wear a size 7.5 shoe but with the return of the pointed toe, I was not sure; hence, took a chance and ordered the following. 

I also ordered a pair of Nanette, Nannette LePore Nala Ankle Boots

Both the shoes and ankle booties arrived the same day and very nicely packaged.

I held my breath before trying them on for fear that they would not fit properly or would not look as good on me as they did the website. Quite the contrary, I was amazed how both the Aerosole Off Ramp Heels and the Nannette, Nannette, LePore Nala Boots fit very comfortably and actually looked good. I can dress up or dress down both my shoes and boots. Now I am on the roll and look forward to purchasing more fun styles for the spring and summer. 

What I love about DSW is that they are all about their customers. Their website offers a huge selection and their customer service is also amazing.

If you already shop DSW, this is old hat for you. If you haven’t tried DSW, I strongly recommend that you do. DSW has something for everyone and very affordable   

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