Saturday, May 4, 2019

ALIVE MultiVitamin for Women

I am woman, hear my roar!

I have tried virtually every vitamin on the market. For me and all the women of America isn’t it about feeling and looking our best at all times?

Women are reputed for maturing faster and outliving men. Hey, guys, don’t blame me! I’m just going by statistics😊

I was taking Centrum Silver for many years which served me adequately until recently I noticed I felt the need to rest between chores. My overall health is good but I definitely needed a complete change, including a boost of energy. I’m also a Leo so I have a huge appetite for life and positive energy.

I caught the TV Commercial for Nature’s Way ALIVE Multivitamin/multimineral for Women, per se and Women 50+ and, subsequently, found it at my local Walgreens. I read the ingredients which really impressed me bigtime. ALIVE contains 26 fruits and vegetables which turns food into energy. Other vitamins include A-C-D-E and high potency B. 

ALIVE also contains 500mgs of Calcium – HELLO! I was taking a separate Vitamin, Caltrate 600mgs for Calcium.

ALIVE also supports the breast, urinary tract, heart, eyes, immune system and bones. The best part? ALIVE is great for the hair, nails and skin. Not every vitamin can make this statement.

I started taking ALIVE mid April of this year and already feel the difference. I have more energy and feel great. My hair actually feels a bit thicker and my nails have started growing harder and stronger which is a victory in itself, since I am forever washing dishes

ALIVE is also available in Gummies. 

And guys, there's ALIVE for you as well, that supplies energy and supports prostate.


  1. Hi Ms. Lori - I'm getting the notifications again now. Thank you! :-)

  2. sounds like awesome products and supplements! always useful to have something like that around.
    Nature's Way