Saturday, May 4, 2019

DSW - Handbags

 And now for my Primo Passion, Handbags!

It started when I was eight years old and my aunt who visited regularly, sported a beautiful oversized black Patent Leather
Double Zipper Clutch. I was allowed to hold it; I ran my fingers over the smooth leather and gently slid the zippers open and closed, never touching the contents within.

As I grew up, had my first job and first paycheck, my first purchase was a handbag. Subsequently, I had 13 outfits and 13 handbags to match each one. My dad built a special closet just for my handbag collection. He jokingly stated that eventually, the garage would become my handbag closet.  

I recently browsed DSW and found two handbags that fit my style. 

I purchased the Quilt Chevron basic in black which I absolutely love. It is great for my weekly food shopping; the outside pocket holds my Shoprite card/food list/house keys. The inside open compartment holds my lipstick/small mirror; the main compartment holds my wallet and cell phone. 

When I am out and about, errands, appointments, etc. I switch up the compartments so that outside pocket holds my tissues/Metro Card; the inside compartment holds my keys/lipstick/small mirror and the main compartment holds my cell phone/wallet. The crossbody strap fits comfortably and securely. 

When you visit the below click, checkout my review under Lori B.  

I purchased the Vinna Tote in Burgundy. This tote is great for a day or evening out to dinner. The inside has a middle zipper compartment for my wallet, flanked by two open compartments; one for my cosmetic case and the other for my miscellaneous stuff (hand lotion, etc.). On the inside wall of the tote is one open slip for my cell phone and on the other wall of the tote there are two open slips; one for my sunglasses; the other for my keys, Metro Card, etc. 

What I love about both handbags is that everything is visible and at my fingertips which is my main goal with any handbag I purchase. 

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