Monday, October 7, 2019

Normcore Signature Shampoo and Conditioner by Amika

I must sound like a broken record at this point but trying new products and sharing them with you is what I love.

Yes, I have shared other shampoos and conditioners with you in my blog but this shampoo and conditioner are my best finds yet. They have everything I need and nothing I don’t.

Normcore Signature Shampoo is made by Amika. It contains antioxidants and a cocktail of vitamins that nourish, creating healthy and shiny hair. Not many shampoos can make this claim.

I had previously purchased the 2 oz Normcore Signature Shampoo (travel size) as a test run; my hair was going through a transition period since I just changed hair dressers and no two hairdressers are alike.

The Normcore Signature Shampoo test run was great sooo I decided to order the 10 oz Normcore Signature Shampoo. I already had the Normcore Signature Conditioner but was using it with a different shampoo with good results. 

Before entering the shower, I comb my hair from the ends going upward, rather than from the crown down to the ends. In the shower, I soap up/rinse off first; then begin shampooing; massaging the rich luxurious lather into my scalp then work from the roots down to the ends. Rinse, then squeeze a handful of Normcore Signature Conditioner into the palm of my hand and apply to the midsection of my hair, working down and focusing on the ends.

Both the Normcore Signature Shampoo and Normcore Signature Conditioner smell scrumptious in the shower. 

I rinse thoroughly and squeeze the excess with my fingers; then towel dry. Now I comb through, apply my heat protectant and, lastly, my mousse. I run the blow-dryer through my hair for a few seconds to remove any excess water then blow dry into style. The results are amazing and speak for themselves.Did I mention that, best of all, no frizzies. I now shampoo on rainy, humid days and my hair actually behaves. 

Pros: Both the shampoo and conditioner contain antioxidants and vitamins for healthier, nourished hair that shines. Color safe. Both the shampoo and conditioner are available in three sizes. 

Cons: Uh! Sorry, none at this time – only that I had found and used these products sooner.

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