Sunday, October 20, 2019

thicc volumizing base by Amika

No, the word thicc is not misspelled and all the letters are lower-case, Amika’s choice, not mine. 

This is the new volumizing tool that is ‘on fire’ at Amika. In fact, it was out of stock as fast as it debuted. Talk about in demand!

I was using Big Sexy Hair for many years and raved about it in my product review. You guys loved it and I thank you so much - HOWEVER….

There seems to be a new kid on the block and taking Planet Hair by storm

I admit I was skeptical about switching to a different product since it takes me forever to find a product that my hair will accept.

I read the Amika reviews and asked a ton of questions before I decided to give this new puppy a spin – and sooo very glad I did. While new thicc volumizing base works for all hair types, it is designed for fine or thin hair; it has a body-boosting base to plump and thicken hair strands; hence, volume that lasts all day. Who doesn’t want that?!

(Demo courtesy of Amika)

The product, thicc volumizing base, comes in a small tube and a small amount goes a long way. While a pea-size is recommended, I have fine, medium length hair and found that a bit more (about the size of a dime) works better for me.  

I emulsify the paste-like substance between the palms of my hands then apply to my towel-dried hair, working from the roots to the ends then blow-dry into style. The volume is something to WOW about. While thicc volumizing base claims a matte-satin finish, I see nothing but amazing shine!  

Oh yes, I still have my Big Sexy Hair -one open bottle and one new bottle but they are now back-shelved since thicc volumizing base has the spotlight.

Pros: Great for all hair types but works best for fine or thinning hair. Delivers great volume and shine.

Cons: A bit sticky after applying, so I rinse fingers quickly with warm water and dry before handling the blow-drying.  

Alternative: If you don’t agree that thicc volumizing base is the best plumper for your hair (which I doubt), my second recommendation is Big Sexy Hair.


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